International Workshop on Recent Trends in SIgnal Processing

July 10-11, 2017 - BUCHAREST, Romania

General Information


Bucharest has a temperate-continental climate, with occasional excesses and differences in air temperature caused by the overheating of the city's streets. In the months of June to August the temperature climbs over 25-30 °C (77-86° Fahrenheit) during daytime and 15-20 °C at night.


Romania's official currency is LEU (pl. LEI); 1 LEU has 100 BANI. The international symbol is RON, but the currency is still referred to as LEI. For an updated currency rate visit (the official site of the National Bank of Romania).


Most exchange offices will not charge you a commission for the transaction, although it is advisable that you check that in advance. You cannot exchange monetary subdivisions (cents, eurocents) and you cannot exchange coins.The currencies accepted by all exchange offices are: US dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling and Forints. For any other type of currency you should go to a bank.
Foreign Debit Cards: You can use your foreign debit card at most ATMs – and there are plenty of them. You will be issued the equivalent in lei of the sum you wish to withdraw in US dollars or Euro.


The electricity supply is 220 volts, 50 Hz. The official plug type is type F ("Schuko" plug). Adapters may be required.


Visas are not required for visitors from most of Europe, the US, Japan and America. Organizers will send letter of invitation upon request to registered participants who need visas, but travel, subsistence and other kind of expenses in Romania will be not supported by organizers.
General information regarding the conditions of entry on the territory of Romania


Bucharest is easily reachable by practically all means of transportation having regular and frequent road, rail and air links to international destinations.

Internet access

The Internet will be available during program hours to provide email and web access for your convenience.


Medicines can only be obtained in the pharmacies (Farmacie, marked by a green sign) which are usually open from 8:30 to 19:00.
At night and on public holidays only some of pharmacies are open.


The Bucharest area code is 21. The Bucharest dial code is +40 21.
The local network:

Romanian time and date

The standard time in Romania is East European Time (GMT + 2 hours).