Welcome Address

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to extend to you, on behalf of the Organizers, the invitation to participate in the Workshop on Signal Processing Systems for Wireless Communications. This invitation is addressed to our friends and colleagues that contributed to the previous events in signal processing and those who did not yet participate.

Large scale wireless communications represent one of the most important achievements of the nowadays technique, with great impact in daily life. For safety, efficiency and lower costs services, considerable effort has been done. To a certain extent, these are the result of using more performing algorithms, successfully implemented on signal processing systems and platforms, developed especially for this kind of applications. A natural consequence of this interest, technical literature dedicated an important number of events and publications. Currently there are over couple dozens international refereed journals and approximately ten major international conferences with topics related to signal processing systems for communications.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together specialists from signal processing systems for wireless communications and experts from other domains of electronics and communication. We hope that the discussions and presentations will lead to some nonstandard or unknown methods and applications. Another workshop goal is to promote wireless communications towards Romanian medicine, services, monitoring, safety, transportation, environment etc.

Thematic areas of the workshops are: programmable and reconfigurable architectures for signal processing, estimation and equalization of time-varying channels, signals/sources separation, sources/channels coding, spread-spectrum systems, multiple input multiple output systems, watermarking, multimedia coding and transmission, multi-carrier, multi-rate systems, applications in medicine and services, analog signal processing for wireless communications.

The abstracts of the workshop's papers will be printed in the Workshop Digest, available at the workshop. The extended papers will be published in Acta Technica NapocensisElectronics and Telecommunication - a revue B+ CNCSIS (National University Research Council) refereed - in a special issue dedicated to the workshop (3/2008).

Welcome to Cluj-Napoca!

Corneliu Rusu
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca