International Workshop on Recent Trends in SIgnal Processing

July 6-7, 2015 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Welcome Address

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the International Workshop on Recent Trends in Signal Processing, RTSP 2015. The workshop is jointly organized by Professor Sanjit K. Mitra and the Signal Processing Group from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

The first edition was held in 2007 and it was recognized as a very distinguished achievement. This second edition of the workshop being organized in Cluj-Napoca, we hope to achieve similar successes.

The aim of the RTSP 2015 Workshop is to highlight recent advances in both theoretical and practical aspects of signal processing in new and emerging technologies. The event is directed as much at the practicing engineer as at the academic researcher.

We would like to express our thanks to Professor Sanjit K. Mitra the Chairman of the workshop for all his involvement in organizing the workshop, as well as to the Plenary Speakers who honored us by reporting their work, in many areas of Signal Processing, Circuits and Communications.

Cluj-Napoca was recently evaluated by the European Commission Flash Eurobarometers on Quality of life. Between the surveyed cities, Cluj-Napoca was ranked as most positive perception concerning the presence and integration of foreigners. To complete the presentation of our home city, please note that Cluj-Napoca is the 2015th European Youth capital.


Welcome to Cluj-Napoca!

Corneliu Rusu