Digital Signal Processing - 3rd year AE


Lecture Notes in DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING - C. Rusu, L. Grama, RISOPRINT, Cluj-Napoca 2009
Course Overview. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
Analysis of Discrete-Time Linear Time-Invariant Systems
Direct-Form Implementation of Discrete-Time Systems. Linear Time-Invariant Systems Characterized by Difference Equations
z-Domain Analysis of Linear Time-Invariant Systems. Fourier Series for Discrete-Time Periodic Signals
Fourier Transform for Discrete-Time Aperiodic Signals. Frequency Domain Characteristics of Linear Time-Invariant Systems
Discrete Fourier Transform
Fast Fourier Transform. Linear Time-Invariant Systems as Frequency Selective Filters
Linear-Phase Finite Impulse Response Filters. Design of Digital Finite Impulse Response Filters
Design of Digital Infinite Impulse Response Filters. Implementation of Discrete-Time Finitre Impulse Response Systems
Implementation of Discrete-Time Infinite Impulse Response Systems
Digital Signal Processing Summary. Exam Example


DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING -- laboratory guide - L. Grama, U.T.PRESS, Cluj-Napoca 2014
Introduction to MATLAB
Discrete-Time Signals
Sampling of Analog Signals. Correlation
Discrete-Time Linear Time-Invariant Systems
z-Transform and z-Domain Analysis of Linear Time-Invariant Systems
Laboratory 6
Test 1 - from laboratories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Fourier Transform and Discrete Fourier Transform
Linear and Circular Convolution
Discrete-Time Linear Time-Invariant Systems as Frequency Selective Filters
Finite Impulse Response Filters. Design Methods
Infinite Impulse Response Filters. Indirect Design Methods
Laboratory 12
Test 2 - from laboratories 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
Laboratory 13
Seminar - Implementation of Discrete-Time Systems
Laboratory 14


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